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2]O, occurs as the mineral brushite and crystallizes in the monocinic space group Ia with unit cell parameters a = 5.
Hence, vulcanized NR becomes stiff at low temperature, either because of reduced chain mobility (effect of Tg), or because it crystallizes.
Minerals crystallize out of the hot water to form tall chimney-shaped rock structures.
In fact, because PBT crystallizes faster than PET, it is not possible under normal processing conditions to produce PBT parts that are amorphous.
Richard Earley, President of Crystallize adds, "This relationship brings together the best of our patented and Oracle certified software with esoftsolutions' integration and Oracle expertise.
These units will help make CPET more widely available in place of standard amorphous PET and may push recyclers to crystallize PET flake for customers.
Molecules with molecular weight higher than a critical molecular weight and high stereoregularity crystallized at 130 or 140 [degrees] C, while molecules with lower molecular weights had mobilities too high to crystallize at the temperatures.
According to Kalicky, Eastman LCP materials crystallize more slowly than DuPont's current products, translating into higher toughness and weld-line strength for thin-wall connectors and circuit boards processed at elevated temperature.
We are tremendously excited about joining Tickmark and Crystallize to form a unique company that specializes in providing the market's broadest portfolio of high-value tools for applications management," Markese said.
When Davey and his colleagues added ethylene glycol or indigo to a solution of saccharin and allowed the mixture to crystallize, the saccharin formed twins much more frequently than a pure saccharin solution did, indicating that the added molecules helped twin surfaces adhere to each other.
After using Salesnet's technology for one month, Crystallize dramatically shortened its sales cycle from six months to just 30 days.