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For the ultimate force in the universe of these fighters and their poets (in spite of certain Christian touches inserted by later poetic editors before the poem crystallized into its present form) is Wyrd, the Fate of the Germanic peoples, cold as their own winters and the bleak northern sea, irresistible, despotic, and unmoved by sympathy for man.
Here, as in other social spheres, if any good is to be done, we come into collision not merely with vested interests, but with something far more dangerous to meddle with--religious ideas crystallized into superstitions, the most permanent form taken by human thought.
Fuerst Shtcherbatsky, sammt Gemahlin und Tochter, by the apartments they took, and from their name and from the friends they made, were immediately crystallized into a definite place marked out for them.
Worse, she had crystallized at the end of her love-time with the coming of her first child.
The butler was looking even more than usually disapproving, and his disapproval had, so to speak, crystallized, as if it had found some more concrete and definite objective than either barefoot dancing or the United States.
Razumov after his conservative convictions, diluted in a vague liberalism natural to the ardour of his age, had become crystallized by the shock of his contact with Haldin.
Members of the Kornberg lab crystallized the RNA polymerase molecule from yeast but previous studies have shown the genetic makeup of the yeast and human proteins to be very similar, leading the scientists to believe that the shape of the two proteins is the same.
Crick first worked out the double-helical structure of DNA, they relied on data in the form of patterns of spots created by X-rays diffracted from crystallized DNA and captured on film.
Both of these sizeable emerald crystals (originally forming part of larger crystals, and which were cut by the diamond drill bit) weigh up to 75 carats, are very strongly colored and well crystallized, and are embedded in the phlogopite matrix host rock.
In fact, only a small fraction of the thousands of proteins now known have ever been crystallized, he says.
The unstated fears with which they live every working day are suddenly and terrifyingly crystallized when they are confronted by the greatest storm in modern history.
From top to bottom, modern seafloor consists of a layer ofsediment, "pillow" lavas that have split onto the seafloor, dikes through which magma has risen and a layer of magma that had crystallized in the magma chamber beneath a spreading ridge.