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The administrator spotted the Jordanian man standing on the toilet seat in one cubicle and peeping over the partition between the two cubicles at 4.
Dubai: A computer operator has been jailed for three months for entering a women's washroom and peeping over the toilet's cubicle at a secretary when she was using the bathroom.
But the man kept trying to get away, and eventually had to be locked in another cubicle while staff waited for the police.
Our management staff have fully checked every single cubicle in our building and there are no other reports of related issues.
Using state-of-the-art sensors on cubicle doors, app users will receive real-time updates on how many cubicles are available in an office block.
He assumed it was a dad helping a son go to the toilet, until he noticed his little boy's odd socks under the cubicle door and realised to his horror it was his son in the cubicle with Onions.
USPRwire, Mon Dec 28 2015] Technavios market research analyst predicts that the global market for shower enclosures and cubicles will grow at a healthy CAGR of around 8% by 2020.
The 23-year-old salesman allegedly sneaked into the women's restroom at his workplace and hid his mobile phone with the video mode on below the cubicles wall.
Prosecutor Paul Hewitt said: "She saw a hand holding a mobile phone peering over the cubicle wall and realised someone in the next cubicle was trying to film her.
The Cubicle Centre, based at Ravensthorpe, won the Best of the Best Award and SME of The Year while Golcar-based Green Building Store picked up the Legacy Award for its Stirley Community Farm project.
According to the mum, Chedgzoy''s face "was almost right inside our cubicle.
Jagdish Tahiliani, general manager of Synergy Building Systems, said: "We are most excited that developers, architects and contractors alike will be able to see firsthand several of Thrislington's cubicle categories that will be displayed at the exhibition stand.