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Intercubitus somewhat longer than abscissa of cubitus between intercubitus and second recurrent vein (except one paratype with intercubitus slightly shorter).
Severe progressive kyphoscoliosis, severe arthritic changes with joint dislocations, rhizomelic limbs, genu valgum, cubitus valgus, mild brachydactyly, camptodactyly, and microdontia occur in this disease (112).
In addition to the abnormal facies described previously, she had cubitus valgus and short metocarpals.
With many commercial buyers looking for bulls to work, it was the stronger bulls which grabbed most attention, although Paul Walker's 19-month old bull Crackley Bank Vimto, sired by Cubitus Du Pre Rosine, out of Belldale Raquel, caught the eye of several breeders and suckler producers, making 3,500 gns to EG Booker of Mold.