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An eyewitness, who spoke with Nigerian Tribune said that armed thugs invaded the residence of an high chief in the town where the traditional ruler was holding a meeting with cutlasses, knives, cudgels and guns.
I told him that I am your daughter, trained by you, will neither cower down, nor yield to pressure and nothing will deter me from taking up the cudgels against transgression and injustice,' Maryam Nawaz added in her tweet.
Will David Miliband leap aboard a plane from New York and jet straight back to London to take up the cudgels of battle again?
MONTERREY, Mexico, Jumada I 03, 1437, February 12, 2016, SPA -- Mexico's deadliest prison brawl in many years was a bloodbath in which inmates attacked each other with hammers, cudgels and makeshift blades, authorities said Friday, underlining yet again the power that drug cartels wield inside many of the country's lockups, according to AP.
Raised wing Peace Dove gently sighing, Find not-so-human nature short, Plenty cudgels for the buying, And oh so far too many bought.
But Sir Vincent Fean said a decision was taken by Tony Blair's government "not to take up the cudgels on behalf of the victims directly".
Labour councillors on Redcar and Cleveland Council have taken up the cudgels on these local service losses and, hopefully, in partnership with a new Labour government, we can bring back a bus service that truly serves our borough.
Yes, many of us will be happy to lay down the cudgels in our mid to late 60s in favour of a life of leisure.
Two crew members are seen carrying a box full of cudgels in the leaked images that may be meant for the Militants in "Game of Thrones" Season 5.
As we report today, the aptly-named Boudicca Stretton-Brown has taken up cudgels on behalf of struggling families - by offering to make them a home-cooked meal every Monday.
Coun Bailey said: "I was glad to take up the cudgels again on my re-election a few months ago.
Barry has taken up cudgels against Tesco's ring road supermarket plans, yet he appeared last week with the company's representative to present school prizes sponsored by Tesco.