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Start using the cue word before the behaviour starts and eventually your dog should walk back on cue wherever he is.
In the task, each cue word was presented individually and remained on the screen for 3 seconds.
Use a cue word when you are luring RJ to his mat, such as "Spot" or "Place.
Features Description Cue words Set of words/phrases that help in identifying research relation category Lexical terms Aid a cue word(easily noted verbs) Anchor location Location of the anchor Concept word relation Concept words of citation context to the title of the cited paper Number of anchors Indicate the agreement with cited work Dependency Grammatical dependency of the sentences Anchor match Citations should have match with anchors with references Table 2: Research relation patterns.
21) Table 4 Median (and range differential) of the mean percentage of the total number of multimodal images produced by each participant, for each cue word category.
After learning the scenario-cue pairings, the participants were presented with some of the cue words, written in either red or green, and were instructed to recall the related scenario when the cue word was green, and to avoid thinking about the scenario when the cue word was red.
Establish a cue word as a staff that alerts anyone to the feeling of, "I really need to talk to you now.
After we had presented a participant with a fixation (cross mark = +) for 500 ms, we presented a green cue word (think condition) or a red cue word (no-think condition) for 4000 ms, followed by the mask to prevent the after image of the stimuli in the task.
2 Devise acronyms and acrostics: Use the first letter of key words or ideas to form an easy-to-remember cue word or cue sentence.
Keep in mind if you choose Whoa as your cue word or sound, you'll also need a cue to release.
However, the same type of cue word would not appear on more than three consecutive trials.