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The ape cuffed her viciously across the face, then he had to turn his attention to his fellow who quite evidently desired the prize for his own.
The youth could see this conviction weigh upon the entire regiment until the men were like cuffed and cursed animals, but withal rebellious.
For a youngster scarcely ten inches high, and with so few early advantages as he doubtless had had, Moa Artua was certainly a precocious little fellow if he really said all that was imputed to him; but for what reason this poor devil of a deity, thus cuffed about, cajoled, and shut up in a box, was held in greater estimation than the full-grown and dignified personages of the Taboo Groves, I cannot divine.
She is jolted off her course four ways at once, and cuffed into place again, only to be swung aside and dropped into a new chaos.
Then Namgay Doola, never-christened Patsay Doola, son of Timlay Doola-which is Tim Doolan-clasped the king's feet, cuffed the standing army, and hurried in an agony of contrition from temple to temple making offerings for the sin of the cattle- maiming.