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22: Blossom Street (east side), El Roble Avenue, Del Rio Street, El Camino Street, El Centro Avenue, Inland Way, Inland Way cul-de-sac (all four locations), Kremont Avenue, Neptune Avenue, 35th Street, Valentine Court and Sue Ann Court.
Entry into the anterior cul-de-sac in vaginal hysterectomy can and should be delayed until better descensus of the uterus is obtained.
My findings, to some extent, show that developers should consider moving away from the current norm of cul-de-sacs.
The Government-supported "Building For Life" design scheme also cites a "clear network of streets" rather than cul-de-sacs that "can make it more difficult to get around".
New Government planning guidance could kill off the cul-de-sac.
The main problem with cul-de-sacs is turning the bus.
In my former hometown of Atlanta, the traditional street grid disappears about two or three miles from downtown, to be replaced by a maze of cul-de-sacs.
Although they can handle the 178 miles of roadway and most of the cul-de-sacs, rented equipment and non-departmental personnel are used to supplement the front line defenses.
Photo: New pathway linking adjacent cul-de-sacs replaced "short-cut" across adjoining properties.
As she pointed out, there are also several different cul-de-sacs and the traffic problems end up there as many drivers will use them as turning points.
The tendency to describe dead-end streets as cul-de-sacs speaks volumes about snobbish attitudes to housing.