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This can also be accomplished by bringing more land under cultivation from the cultivable uncultivated area (a large proportion of which exists on medium and large farms under waterlogged or saline conditions).
There are 600 farmhouses in about 1,100 acres of Aravali Retreat and most of these were registered on the basis of cultivable land about 20 years ago.
Cuba's cultivable lands cover 6,600,000 hectares, with an estimated idle portion of more than 1,800,000 hectares in July 2008.
In the districts of Yavatmal and Washim where rainfall was initially good, farmers rushed to complete sowing 80 per cent of cultivable land.
In case of irreparable damage to the cultivable land, he shall be provided with cultivable land of equal area at a reasonable distance from the place of his residence; in case of damage to the standing crops, he shall be given compensation in proportion to the losses suffered by him; and in case of loss of livestock, he shall be given adequate financial assistance in proportion to the losses suffered by him" he said.
The vice president said that Pakistan had a comparative advantage in the region with vast areas of cultivable and a strong potential for expansion of agriculture base.
2 million citizens consume, despite the fact that the state has kept more than half of the island's cultivable land idle for decades.
These microorganisms are often referred to as viable, but not cultivable (VBNCs), unculturables, or uncultivables.
Islamabad -- Federal Minister for climate change, Senator Mushahidullah Khan has said that promoting horticulture in the country can help convert large-scale cultivable wasteland into a huge economic opportunity and such initiative can also help tackle escalating food security and unemployment.
In an effort to dig deep into the matter, M AIL T ODAY found one such farmhouse ( C- 141) which has constructed a narrow ally outside its premises situated in the Gair Mumkin Pahar ( non- cultivable land).
He said that it was among the priority of Punjab Chief Minister to promote agriculture technology among farmers, to increase cultivable land in Rainfed areas and to provide all incentives for fulfilling the fundamental requirements.