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Tan is determined to utilize these existing natural lagoons for fingerlings production of cultivable species, claiming that the only major expenses that would be incurred would be the procurement of breeders and brood stock and assorted fingerlings, as well as for shellfish dispersal, planting of sea grasses and seaweeds, coral farming, installation of artificial reefs, fish shelter and hides.
The findings indicated that there were no substantial differences in the cultivable planktonic populations, including FIB, between sites over the duration of the study.
Different microbial niches, particularly edaphic niches, have been the source of molecules having therapeutic applications such as: antimicrobial compounds, anticancerigenics, antidepressers as well as a source of molecules and cultivable organisms having industrial applications in different fields.
Cultivable land was so precious that buildings for the majority had to have as small a footprint as possible.
Out of a total area of about 122,000 sq km, cultivable land constitutes about 1.
This region, out on the bounds of cultivable land, gives another clear example of the delicate equilibrium that existed between resources and population, the effects of the change in climate, the role of demographic and agricultural cycles, the exaggeration of conventional distinctions between 'free' and 'unfree' peasantries, and their extraordinarily innovative powers in agriculture, trade and industry.
14 Kyodo Myanmar's military government has transferred large tracts of what it calls cultivable wasteland to private companies with a 30-year guarantee that the land will not be renationalized, in a bid to step up agricultural output.
The availability of cultivable land is limited, thus the need to improve agricultural productivity in order to satisfy the hunger of growing population is on a rise.
According to Punjab Agriculture Department soucres on Monday, those who possess 25 acres of cultivable land would be eligible for getting application form in this regard.
Speaking to the participants, SAT chairman Pir Fayyaz Ali Rashdi said the government must realise that the water shortage persisting for months together was ruining cultivable lands of the district while denial of the sugar cane price fixed by the high court was devastating growers.
Talking to reporter, he said that to ensure better produce of crops 'Sprinkle Irrigation System' has been introduced under which during the last six years , 3681 acre land has been made cultivable .
The project will greatly benefit the province of Balochistan in harnessing the flood flows and in this way supply about 175,500 acre-ft of conserved flood water for direct irrigation and drinking purposes and will benefit about 58,500 acres of fertile cultivable land.