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In addition, worldwide per capita cultivatable land is now about one acre, the minimum required to feed one individual through intensive farming.
No cultivatable viruses were detected in the approximately 500 L of groundwater assayed.
With a vast area of cultivatable land and comparatively cheap local expertise, the processing of fruit could become a major industrial activity and a source of employment for the skilled labour force being trained by the government.
You can get any kind of obscure, cultivatable mushroom, and there are foragers here who really know what they're doing.
The Freemen now want seven plot-holders from west Gosforth to drive two miles each way through the most congested roads in the city to tend a plot of land which is currently derelict and subject to flooding, and which would require several tens of thousands of pounds spent on it to make it cultivatable and securely fenced.
For 30 years, Clark has been relentlessly tracking cultivatable fungus around the globe.
These two things, common sense and critical assessment, are in the final analysis social and generally intellectual attributes available to and cultivatable by everyone, not the privilege of a special class, nor the possession of a handful of certified "experts.
With the diminishing of good cultivatable areas, the Miao were reported to have turned their attention to domestic animals as a serious complementary economic activity with such animals as water buffaloes, horses, dogs, goats, pigs, cats, fowls and ducks.
Nanobacteria are the smallest (100-500 nm) cultivatable replicating agents on earth, recently discovered in bovine and human blood by Kajander et al.
As a result much of Alberta's potentially cultivatable land was ignored or misused, while wheat, when used as the dominant crop, often did not yield good returns.
Under royal and military authority, the Pashtuns expropriated cultivatable land, pastures and water rights from other ethnic groups.
Moreover, because demand for land outstripped supply, virtually all the cultivatable land (other than that being hoarded by the elite) was being used, and there was little opportunity to let fields lie fallow and regenerate.