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The Punjab had been assigned a task to cultivate the cotton crop over an area of 2.
We will target this communities by making them settle, so that they begin to cultivate to have enough food for the rest of the year.
Cultivate was launched in 2011, and Banks admits there have been some miscues.
Approaching bilateral cooperation between the two nations targets enhancing agricultural cooperation, particularly in view of available land in Sudan that could be utilized to cultivate crops required in Egypt, said Sudanese union head Salah al-Mardy.
4 : to seek the company and friendship of <As soon as Johnny began to cultivate Dove, he was surprised at the response.
If You Want a Harvest, You Have to be Willing to Cultivate the Soil" is the work of a highly educated and devout Virginian pastor of Dr.
Slovakia became the sixth EU countryain 2006 to cultivate genetically modified plants.
Music offers students a unique and exciting opportunity both to explore the language and culture of a foreign country and to cultivate their listening skills.
women claimed that those exercise regimes would cultivate feminine rectitude along postural, moral, and procedural lines.
Change agents never cultivate superficial or artificial work environments; in fact, they challenge superiors who are mediocre or fail to provide the organization with progressive thinking and innovation.
The origins of Barbara Hepworth's art, according to Adrian Stokes, lay in the need "to cultivate a reverence for stone" that had long been lost.