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a rare piece of luck and worth cultivating," thought the elderly butterfly as he fluttered down the staircase.
It was limited to Diana and Anne at first, but soon it was extended to include Jane Andrews and Ruby Gillis and one or two others who felt that their imaginations needed cultivating.
The Ionic School of Epic poetry was, as we have seen, dominated by the Homeric tradition, and while the style and method of treatment are Homeric, it is natural that the Ionic poets refrained from cultivating the ground tilled by Homer, and chose for treatment legends which lay beyond the range of the "Iliad" and "Odyssey".
This spot is notorious from having been, for a long time, the residence of some runaway slaves, who, by cultivating a little ground near the top, contrived to eke out a subsistence.
When this devil of a fellow saw every one cultivating his own plot of ground, he hurried about buying grain so as to supply the poor with the requisite seed.
She had lately taken up painting in water-colours, having read in a high-class woman's weekly paper that a great many princesses of the European royal houses were cultivating that art.
He should watch over the many-headed monster like a good husbandman, fostering and cultivating the gentle qualities, and preventing the wild ones from growing; he should be making the lion-heart his ally, and in common care of them all should be uniting the several parts with one another and with himself.
At length he called to his companion, and said, "Partridge, I wish I was at the top of this hill; it must certainly afford a most charming prospect, especially by this light; for the solemn gloom which the moon casts on all objects, is beyond expression beautiful, especially to an imagination which is desirous of cultivating melancholy ideas.
7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Greener Fields Together(TM), the sustainability and local produce initiative created by PRO*ACT, the produce supply-chain management company, is proud to announce Cultivating Change, a grant program for local farms.
Synopsis: "Curriculum-Based Library Instruction: From Cultivating Faculty Relationships to Assessment" is a guide for librarians who are working to develop curriculum based instruction that is semester long or consisting of many sessions throughout an academic program.
He said that the company has already begun signing rental contracts with a number of companies specialised in cultivating crops, like Maltex, SONAC, EGAS Agricultural for Seed Production, Agrualex Trading and Nahdet Misr.
Published on Friday, 21 February 2014 13:16 PNN Settlers, protected by Israeli forces, Friday attacked farmers from al-Asakreh village, east of Bethlehem and prevented them from cultivating their lands.