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The samples were collected close to sluice gates and in the middle of the ponds, where phytoplankton was collected with a net for phytoplankton, 65 [micro]m mesh, through filtration 100 L of water from cultivation.
Four taxonomic classes were identified with 29 taxon for farm 1, represented by the semi-intensive cultivation, being seven taxa for Cyanophyceae, 18 taxon for Diatomophyceae, two for Dynophyceae and one for Euglenophyceae.
The relative abundance found was of 76% for the semi-intensive cultivation, 24% for the organic one and of 17% for the intensive one.
The relative abundance was 14% for the semi-intensive cultivation, 10% for the intensive cultivation and 76% for the organic cultivation.
As for the dinoflagellates, the intensive cultivation obtained 61.