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Clarification: This video was updated to refer to Compassionate Cultivation as one of the first Texas-licensed medical cannabis cultivators and dispensaries.
3 ( ANI ): The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) on Friday clarified that cash sale of agricultural produce by its cultivator to the trader for an amount less than Rs.
Apparently almost every family farm eventually had such a cultivator since this author has seen dozens of old wooden ones at farm auctions.
Our family's cultivator was a four row contraption taking an eternity to finish a field.
Narcotic plants were found grown on 154 little parcels close to each other near the village of Mafsheq and were burnt down by police who detained the initiator of drugs cultivation for questioning in order to bring the cultivators to justice, according to Albanian Daily News.
Ever fall in cultivator force will also threaten 'Food Security' and 'Agriculture Development'.
With the Urban Cultivator Residential you get 365 days a year of optimal growing conditions.
Despite these additions, Cultivator capacity is more constrained relative to Operator firms because of growth in both the number and size of clients.
The present study aims at studying the effect of controlling methods (chemical and mechanical) alone and integrated with each other on the extent of weeds control and their resulting effect on forage corn yield and at finding the most optimum herbicide dosage with and without the application of cultivator with the most appropriate density for weeds management.
tractor offers good PTO power at 540 rpm and is compatible with all commonly used agricultural implements, like the rotavator, cultivator, harrow and leveller.
If the retailer is vertically integrated -- that is, it owns its own cultivator -- then the typical cultivator would generate $1.
Experiment was laid out in RCBD with five weed management strategies: hand weeding, hoeing with kasula, inter-row cultivation with tine cultivator, inter-row cultivation with spike hoe and chemical control with Nominee 100 SC along with control (no weeding).