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At the end, cultivators hardly get the price of their efforts.
com) Sales Promo/Mktg Mgr: Bruce Thiele Products: Wil-Rich--field cultivators, planter bars, harrows, row crop cultivators, sprayers, chisel plows, cutter chisels, moldboard plows, rippers, disk harrows, shredder, seedbed finshers, rolling packers, Ad agency: Flint Communications
The row cultivator worked best when inter-row weeds were 6 inches or shorter.
With the Urban Cultivator Residential you get 365 days a year of optimal growing conditions.
The present study aims at studying the effect of controlling methods (chemical and mechanical) alone and integrated with each other on the extent of weeds control and their resulting effect on forage corn yield and at finding the most optimum herbicide dosage with and without the application of cultivator with the most appropriate density for weeds management.
If the retailer is vertically integrated -- that is, it owns its own cultivator -- then the typical cultivator would generate $1.
SAVE hours of time and back-breaking digging with the impressive, easy to use petrol cultivators from Eckman - including free delivery.
Consequently, farmers and cultivators are buying fertilisers produced locally at high prices, exceeding the global price, while the Ministry of Agriculture is turning a blind eye.
To form furrows for the seed I bolted cultivator points on each chute.
This Tiller and Cultivator combines the convenience and light weight of an electric Tiller, with the benefits of an extra powerful 750W motor and larger cutting blades.
TO celebrate the release of these fantastic interactive toys, we're giving you the chance to win a Britains Big Farm set including the Radio Control John Deere 6430 Tractor, Green Tipping Trailer, Cultivator and Tillage Train.
The bag is designed specifically for flower box and indoor gardening, comes with a mini trowel and cultivator gardening tool.