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World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development a chance for people to celebrate cultural diversity and harmony.
Findings disclosed that majority of the respondents share global cultural values; however they are highly influenced by their defined cultural boundaries.
This paper will examine whether the Japanese law relating to the protection of cultural properties effectively works in the event of calamity by looking at the measures taken by the Japanese Government following the 2011 Great Earthquake.
Auburn: Pakachoag Music School, $3,500; Auburn Cultural Council, $4,530
State-backed Al-Jomhoria newspaper stopped issuing their special cultural section, a well-known supplement that addressed different cultural issues elite Yemenis used to cover.
The four-day course is represented by the Heritage and Culture Ministry within the framework of implementing the GCC joint cultural programmes.
The 4-day course is hosted by the Sultanate, represented by the Heritage and Culture Ministry within the framework of implementing the AGCC joint cultural programmes.
The cabinet meeting chaired by President Ben Ali on Wednesday was devoted to following up the materialization of the Presidential Program items and recommended to bolster cultural action in regions and decided the building of two culture centers in the delegations of Northern Gafsa and Southern Kasserine, the promotion of cultural spaces within the youths centers in the delegations that do not have culture houses and generalize the connection of culture houses and public libraries to the broadband Internet network.
Libertarians certainly have been known to criticize and ridicule moralists even when they aren't calling for government coercion--for instance, when they wring their hands over the loss of cultural constraints on sexuality.
CANOGA PARK -- After winning an 11th-hour promise of $56,000 in taxpayer funds to continue running the Madrid Theatre, the Valley Cultural Center said Monday that it will pull out after all because the city hasn't come through with the money.
This demographic category can accurately be called "cultural Christian" characterizing those who maintain Christian identity and acknowledge Christianity's major cultural traditions (usually holidays), but who don't necessarily accept Christian beliefs and creeds.
The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of cultural orientations on collaborative learning.