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This article examines studies on parental perceptions on disability among families of children with disabilities across varied traditional cultural groups, including Mexican American, Chinese American, Arab, and Jewish communities.
More specifically, when tests are based on theories that ascribe the origins of traits as biologically based (such as McCrae & Costa's, 1999, five-factor theory), then partial and full structural equivalence can be observed across cultural groups.
There is a great need for psychological services among the cultural group to deal with a variety of problems including academic, interpersonal, health/substance abuse, dating, bicultural and biracial issues, family difficulties due to emerging cultural differences, marginality, difficulties relating within various subgroups, and the experience of racism (Leong, 1986).
Thus far, cultural group labels I have used are: "Latinas (Mexican)," "Latinas (Puerto Rican)," "white women from poor backgrounds," "lesbians," "working poor men and women," "African American men," "Americans of Asian descent," "gay men," and "American Indians.
Each chapter is authored by an expert on the corresponding cultural group, usually also a member.
Students suggested specific teaching methods and activities, including cultural classroom activities, guest speakers, student group presentations, culturally diverse student groups for assignments and activities, required study of a cultural group other than one's own, rotation among several ethnic or cultural field sites, required volunteer work within an ethnic or cultural community, and a foreign exchange health education program.
Mosul / NINA / A terrorist in charge of Hisba (Daash police) was killed in aerial bombardment of the International coalition aircraft the Cultural Group area, north of Mosul, according to a security source.
supported by a large number of studies showing an "other-race effect," which is defined as a greater capacity to recognize faces of one's own cultural group as compared to faces from other cultural groups.
BOSTON, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Manhattan Cross Cultural Group is now offering at a discounted price, the Quality Interactions(R) 6-hour CME cultural competency training course for physicians in New Jersey still needing to complete this requirement for licensure by June 30, 2009.
They said concentrated areas of one cultural group in inner cities was a temporary effect of the immigration process, and not limited to the Muslim community.
Watson argued for more use of Leong's model of cultural specificity, that is, the exploration of concepts, constructs, and models that are specific to a cultural group.
Entries are hyperlinked, and can be searched by era, topic, cultural group, or activity: "Warriors, Military Leaders and Rebels," for example.

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