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The cult's ideology precisely parallels the ideology behind Oberg's culture shock model: cultural relativism, cultural determinism and stoicism.
All the above mentioned elements may constitute sources of culture shock.
Written a deliberate attempt of the author to balance Amazon culture views with those of the larger world, Journey to Bom Goody is an unforgettable culture shock adventure.
Unfortunately, Marjane experienced culture shock and found it difficult to fit in.
It was quite a culture shock to go from seven days of feeling free with my sea gals to plunging into Italian art and commerce.
Luke Cardasian spent the last six years of his life in Limbasa and much of his life before that overseas, so the liberated American media is culture shock.
Italy: Instructions for Use is not a conventional travel manuel with hotel and restaurant listings; it focuses especially upon culture shock and other problems, from how to get around to dealing with the post office, changing currency and much more.
Tenants seeking to relocate from New York City to typical suburban office complexes and campuses in the New York metropolitan area this year usually experience culture shock when they discover that virtually none of the services close at hand to their employees in their former location are readily available in their new location.
While personal and professional obligations or a fear of culture shock keep many of us from living abroad, the lure of moving to a far-off locale still has tremendous appeal.
If they approach other societies with this philosophy, they produce another culture shock.
with massive culture shock and found it impossible to even put words to her experience.