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To follow him it was necessary for the heavy, cumbersome apes to make a wide detour, and Sheeta, too, who hated water.
I next removed the white and cumbersome parts of my underclothing, and replaced them by a petticoat of dark flannel.
This conveyance, the box of which I was fortunate enough to secure, had come down to meet us at the railroad station, and was as muddy and cumbersome as usual.
There was the tight-clenched old bureau, receding atop like a bad and secret forehead; there was the cumbersome old table with twisted legs, at the bed-side; and there was the box upon it, in which the will had lain.
The earlier types of switchboard had become too cumbersome by 1885.
KARACHI -- The Union of Small and Medium Enterprises (UNISAME) has welcomed the decision of the government to allow export of wheat and urged the government to allow one-window operation rather than involving the provincial governments and making it a cumbersome procedure of payment of subsidy.
The content management system is also dated and cumbersome.
Global Banking News-December 17, 2013--Draghi says ECB resolution could be cumbersome
He added: "This system is cumbersome, vindictive and it discriminates.
Shareholders are said to be close to a deal that would end a cumbersome dual-management system.
She moves toward him deliberate as prayer, but even/as our distance grows, I see she can barely//hold back, that only the crowd, this mass of bodies/and nerves keeps her from dropping her bag,//her cumbersome shoes, from running full tilt into those/arms she moans about, tossing like witchcraft,//her own arms wild open to embrace, this moment/of all things possible, this sweeter than any end.
For many organizations, end-to-end testing is considered too cumbersome and disruptive to operations, so it is simply replaced by more limited testing.

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