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He said with the present cumbersome system of multiple windows it will be difficult in fact impossible for SMEs to export.
European Central Bank president, Mario Draghi, has said that the activities of a resolution body could be cumbersome.
The existing, cumbersome French and German dual management structure involving twin chief executives proved itself unable to respond quickly enough when the A380 ran into production problems.
Virtualization also offers the added benefit of allowing thorough DR testing without the cumbersome need for additional hardware.
That turned the cumbersome access we bad employed earlier into a simpler Web-based version for everybody," explains Macula.
This is a cumbersome and slow process prone to errors.
The days of mailing cumbersome exam sheets and waiting for responses are over.
The great majority of e-commerce transactions are slowed by cumbersome payment methods including cash and cash-on-delivery.
However, it is too expensive and cumbersome to maintain dedicated reference oscillators for each measurement frequency.
Complicated menu selections and cumbersome directories are a hassle for people trying to call your campus.
These packs are a welcome alternative to more cumbersome gauze packing.