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which could be heard all over the fair above the bleating, and Poorgrass smiled delightedly with a nice sense of dramatic contrast between our hero, who coolly leaps the gate, and halting justice in the form of his enemies, who must needs pull up cumbersomely and wait to be let through.
There, Herzog witnesses a typical domestic moment, as Gersbach bathes Junie, Herzog's young daughter, before cumbersomely washing the bath.
Yella returns from her perceptual disorientation to participate in the meeting by rather cumbersomely zeroing in on the firm's holdings of a computer soft- and hardware network assessed at 80,000 [euro] (Figure 2).
Some courts have found that the use of "lengthy, complex, and cumbersomely written applications, conditional receipts, riders, and policies" actually forces the insurance consumer to rely upon the oral representations of an insurance agent.
Perhaps this would have been clearer had l called Pieris, more cumbersomely, an "unremark-upon-able hybrid.
Finding nothing to bolster his waning optimism, Freedom relapses into the despondency of glumness, considering himself, momentarily, "lucky" to be out of employment and therefore without any money in a bank where he would have to join the cumbersomely long queue to access it; "he skirted the queue, thankful at least that no money meant he didn't have any in a building society which could be closed down by the government" (67).
His direct running discomforted the home defence though the cumbersomely effective Bas Savage caused similar problems at the other end and neither rearguard looked secure.
And it's not always a result of carelessness--stairs and access routes are often shown to have been cumbersomely designed.
If, as I suggest, the poem leaves readers unsure of whether or not to repeat the poet-narrator's gestures and sentiments, it is hardly a coincidence that the conclusion of the poem should focus attention on the question of repetition through the employment of two rhetorical schemes, especially if the second (polyptoton) consists of circling, in this case, somewhat cumbersomely, around a root.
The Germans, on the other hand, now generally refer to us formally and cumbersomely as Die Tschechische Republik (the Czech Republic) because German officials found themselves using Tschechei (a derogatory term from World War II) instead of the more dignified and politically correct term Tschechien (which is the equivalent to Czechia in English).
His reasons for providing only a set of data are examined in the fascinating (if cumbersomely titled) introductory essay, "The Reproducibility and Transmission of the Technico-Scientific Illustrations in the Work of Alberti and in His Sources" by Mario Carpo, professor of architectural history, and Francesco Furlan, director of the Societe Internationale Leon Battista Alberti.
In one of many resourceful transformations of Pask's twin-turntable set, a curling silver staircase appears, flanked by glass-brick columns, as cumbersomely costumed follies girls descend in a display as lavish as it is vulgar.