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13) As a result, this Essay at times must proceed in the alternative, yielding a regrettable cumbersomeness that may make it especially helpful to identify at the outset the broad themes we pursue in the pages that follow.
They are vulnerable to all the limitations that afflict other bureaucratic institutions - unresponsiveness, cumbersomeness and routinization, lack of coordination.
The acronym-filled United Nations, the arcane bureaucracy of popular legend, while living up to its reputation for cumbersomeness, also generates an inordinate number of initiatives that attempt to pressure even the largest nations to act on behalf of the common good.
And the cumbersomeness and increased costs of the remaining methods of corporate political intervention--consider the tax consequences and time delay of funneling a donation through managers as increased compensation--would provide an excuse for the inability to respond swiftly to an extortive ultimatum.
Many reformers during the Progressive and New Deal eras distrusted juries for their lack of expertise, their unpredictability, their cumbersomeness (trials are significantly longer and more expensive when juries are part of them), the lack of a written record explaining their decisions, and, of course, their susceptibility to demagoguery and sectional feeling.
The computer holds out the promise of resolving many of the old intractable problems: lack of space, deterioration of paper, the cumbersomeness of making bibliographic and intellectual connections using printed sources alone.
On the other hand, the advantages of the GC/MS methods are, despite their cumbersomeness, their excellent lower limits of quantification (~0.
One variant of the eigenvalue approach is less problematic for those who may not care to cope with the cumbersomeness of hand/calculator calculation of eigenvalues or lack the software to do so.
The most straightforward path to maintaining a relatively vibrant defense industrial base is to reduce the incentives for firms to exit, despite lower overall DoD expenditures, by reducing the cumbersomeness of defense contracting and facilitating the integration of civilian and defense operations within individual firms.
The system of endless negotiations will be hardto eradicate in part because the military likes its very cumbersomeness.