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98-573), Congress required that the ITC cumulate whenever like products from multiple countries were subject to investigation.
Participants who hit the secret target score will cumulate a point and have a chance at winning the Grand Prize or cash prize
These efforts will cumulate in the launch of two new developments this fall, with six more in the pipeline for next year.
Petty cash transactions (less than 2,500 USD) cumulate to more than 60,000 transactions worldwide.
The Cumulative Preferred Stock will cumulate dividends at an annual rate of 7% (subject to increase under certain circumstances), which will be payable in cash or, at the Company's option during the first three years after issuance, continue to cumulate.
The sill, showing some macrocrystic rounded olivine cumulate texture, seems to be very slightly dipping toward the west.
However, to elect the maximum number of directors recommended by the board, we chose to cumulate on four.
Savings resulting from competition in the marketplace cumulate upon themselves like compound interest (even if prices are otherwise rising)," said Goodman, a former energy policy official with the Reagan and Bush Administrations.
375 percent cash portion of the dividend; this portion will cumulate.