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1 % of the total joint industrial projects, and the cumulated Gulf capital invested in the Gulf joint projects is estimated at 13.
Had Sir Albert dealt with these upon taking office then the City would already be making massive savings now, which, when cumulated themselves, into the future would shut the Jaws of Doom, and with a resounding snap.
The ECB said that the seasonally adjusted 12-month cumulated current account recorded a surplus of 84.
This crisis is the result of a cumulated faltering political performance of which the current government is majorly responsible," he said.
It said by the second half of 2011, however, capital flows receded rapidly, eliminating much of the cumulated currency gains, and leaving EMEs grappling with sharply depreciating currencies in their wake.
In 2010, for the first time, worldwide cumulated installed capacity of wind turbines, biomass and waste-to-energy plants, and solar power reached 381 gigawatts, outpacing the installed nuclear capacity of 375 gigawatts,'' the report, ''The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2010-2011,'' issued by Worldwatch Institute, noted.
The cumulated Saudi market for homeland security, forecasted to become the largest in the world after the US, is expected to be worth around $97 billion between 2010 and 2018, according to research.
Banks seems to perceive as adequate the cumulated net tightening with respect to the current economic conditions.
These cases cumulated in an investigation by the Financial Services Industry, which resulted in the Competition Commission ruling that point-of-sale PPI would be banned, so no lender could sell it to customers within seven days of them taking out the loan, mortgage, or credit card.
It is pretty likely that earnings will be at least equal to the cumulated results of the first three quarters.
Information about individual performance is aggregated across pupil populations at the classroom (and teacher), school, district, state, and national levels and cumulated over time.