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The crustal part of the Muslim Bagh ophiolite has a less developed gabbroic section with relatively thick ultramafic-mafic cumulates section.
The mafic cumulate (gabbros) section is about 600 metres thick (Siddiqui et al.
The mafic cumulate include olivine gabbro, norite, gabbro-norite, and hornblende gabbro.
Most of the gabbro samples have very low values of total alkali and SiO2 may be due to their cumulate nature or it could be due to alteration.
Parental magmas for massif-type anorthosite comprise plagioclase-phyric basaltic magmas that were separated from complementary mafic-ultramafic cumulates in the crust-mantle boundary zone (Fig.
Such an origin is consistent with the broadly similar mineralogy of gabbronorite-ferrodiorite to that of the plagioclase cumulates, and their broadly comagmatic origin as suggested by gradational contact morphologies.
The slightly more pervasive foliation developed ~1/4 of the way up the Main Zone may have resulted from the optimum combination of(l) maximum mass of overlying cumulates (to trigger compaction) with (2) thermal insulation from country rock (which delays solidification so as to allow for compaction to occur).