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A user-input value (cutoff slope angle or slope-end factor) is included to define better the relative change in slope angle that will cause the slope-length cumulation to end and start over with the next downslope cell.
because the cumulation analysis was inadequate, the Court found it could
Reagan's success at legislating significant fiscal policy change capitalized on the fortunate cumulation of political resources: he entered office with advantages that no Republican president had enjoyed since the 1920s--a strong claim to an electoral mandate, a party majority in the Senate and the makings of an ideological majority in the House, and the adulation of a conservative movement that promised newly energized and disciplined support in Congress and from the business community.
The juridical cumulation generally allows the application of the most critical penalty which is or may be increased by a fixed or variable addition, which is why this system is considered to be an intermediate.
The question of cumulation across subject is easy: if the subject matter is not stated as conditioning the application, it is just a statement of subject matter interest and agenda.
In a short survey of the salient phonological and morphological characteristics of the language the author notes that Erzya could be said to feature a relatively productive morphological system "with ample allomorphic variation and regular affix-meaning cumulation, which might promote discussions in the definition of derivation versus declension and conjugation.
This decision w boosting food export earnings and losses that the Punjab government cumulation of interests on loans acqi for wheat procurement.
Estimation of long-term static strength on joint action of internal pressure, weight load, reactions of intermediate support in operating conditions, self-compensation of the temperature expansions, considering decrease in bearing ability of a material as a result of cumulation of creep plastic deformations (stage 2);
Thanks to the cultivated delirium added to Bernhard's familiar style of excessive cumulation, the writer's famous rage against the brutishness of the art and culture machine is replaced by a parody of myth-making and fame.
The verdict was the cumulation of a four-and-a-half-year investigation.
In June 2009, the PA adopted the protocol on Pan-Euro-Mediterranean cumulation of origin.