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Apart from the semantic polarity of -ino and -one on their respective scales of smallness and bigness, which makes them more transparent and efficient, an interesting and important phenomenon has been discussed, both relevant within cumulations and recursions, whereby the closer affix to the base word is semantically more salient over the other affixes, owing to its greater indexical efficiency.
At what seems to be the nadir of currency (at least as far as annual cumulations are concerned), the 1976 volume was published in 1983.
In this paper, it is shown that replication of effect size in the recent ganzfeld studies is not demonstrated across experimenters, regardless of whether the database is updated to include recent studies or whether outcome and cumulation statistics different from those preplanned are applied.
Gale Biographical Index Series, 1 [Detroit: Gale Research, 1980]; cumulations, 1981-85, 1986-90, 1991-95).
The database on SilverPlatter covers the eight annual cumulations issued from 1985-1992, plus the current quarterly issues.