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Regarding the claimed increasing hazard ratios for childhood cancer for each mSv increase in cumulative dose of external radiation, this would be expected to be the case irrespective of the cause of childhood cancer.
Hydroxychloroquine, in contrast, is considered the safer variant, (8) as daily doses less than 400mg are not considered to carry any risk of causing retinopathy although practitioners should consider the possibility if the patient is exposed to a high cumulative dose.
The cumulative dose of consumed drug and total duration of drug consumption were higher among the subjects with CTD than in the others (Table 1).
It occurs after an average of 20 months of continuous treatment and a minimum cumulative dose of 160 g (4).
According to Tokyo Electric, 21 workers were exposed to a cumulative dose of more than 100 millisieverts as of April 1.
The patients who achieved SVR received grafts from younger donors, received longer treatment duration and cumulative dose of interferon, and had a lower drop-out rate and lower incidence of diabetes; however, there were no differences in immunosuppressive therapy for the patients.
Comment: The clinical use of cisplatin chemotherapy is limited by severe peripheral neurotoxicity, which occurs in up to 90% of patients receiving a cumulative dose greater than 300 mg/m2 of body surface area.
The cumulative dose to a member of the IPM clinic staff before the implementation of the new training program was 18.
Their protocol allowed three hours of this treatment with a cumulative dose of 6 mg of flunisolide each hour, and equally aggressive albuterol dosing.
Those using the highest cumulative dose of more than three SDDs had an 82% increased risk of cognitive decline, compared with nonusers of the medications.
He said: "While this study did not set out to identify individual children receiving too high doses of steroids, our data suggests that up to 50% of children prescribed an inhaled and nasal corticosteroid, together, could be receiving too high a cumulative dose of steroid.
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