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In line with Lipton's values that seek to inspire and connect people around a hot cup of tea, we fully support this initiative by Global Village to celebrate the region's diversity and culture.
Whether you add milk or not, drink it weak or strong, what is crucial to a great cup of tea is the blending.
When questioned on how to make the perfect cuppa, over half (60 per cent) of people quizzed in Coventry revealed they had never made a cup of tea using tea leaves, just tea bags, with seven per cent admitting they didn't even know what a tea strainer was.
The recipe includes skimmed milk sourced from 100% pure milk, high quality vegetable fat, natural milk fat and sugar; creating the perfect match for the perfect cup of tea.
To have anyone buy you a cup of tea and give thanks sounds like a bonus, let alone David Beckham.
A cup of tea is usually served up with a touch of murder in this collection of entertaining and diversely different short stories.
I used to meet my wife, mother and aunty there at lunchtime for pasty and chips and a cup of tea.
Elaine Myers pours a cup of tea for Jean Wilkins at Teesside
A MIDDLE-AGED nan sold speed to housewives over a cup of tea, a court was told.
With any script I am sent, if I get to page 10 without having to make a cup of tea, then I know it's good" - Actor Liam Neeson on his "cup of tea test" for picking scripts.
It is our goal to remove the misperception that tea is a complicated drink, and show [consumers] they can easily enjoy a great tasting cup of tea with no fuss," said Anthony Borthwick, tea expert at Tattle Tea.
THERE was no champagne celebration for Sam Bailey, who last night toasted getting through to the X Factor final with a cup of tea.