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At this moment Madame de Bellegarde came back for another cup of tea, accompanied by the Count Valentin.
I hurried off, and got her a good strong cup of tea, and she thanked me, and said she'd feel better when she'd drunk it.
She leaned back in the chair with folded arms while I poured another cup of tea for her, and Fyne went out to pacify the dog which, tied up under the porch, had become suddenly very indignant at somebody having the audacity to walk along the lane.
And she winna let me go down the stair to make a cup of tea for her,' she groans.
The mulatto maid put her to bed, brought her a cup of tea as usual, laid everything straight in the room, and went away; but at three in the morning the bell rang again, and the two servants, hastening in at this unwonted summons
Fairy me tribber is what you say to the fairies when you want them to give you a cup of tea, but it is not so easy as it looks, for all the r's should be pronounced as w's, and I forget this so often that David believes I should find difficulty in making myself understood.
Granet accepted a cup of tea and stood on the hearth-rug.
Ellmother--left in charge of Emily's place of abode, and feeling sensible of her lonely position from time to time--had just thought of trying the cheering influence of a cup of tea, when she heard a cab draw up at the cottage gate.
My wife's maid knocked at her door early in the morning, with the customary cup of tea.
Bardell's most particular acquaintance, who had just stepped in, to have a quiet cup of tea, and a little warm supper of a couple of sets of pettitoes and some toasted cheese.
At last, a gossip of Mrs Nubbles's, who had accompanied her to chapel on one or two occasions when a comfortable cup of tea had preceded her devotions, furnished the needful information, which Kit had no sooner obtained than he started off again.
Somerfield came to a standstill in the middle of the room, with a cup of tea in one hand and a plate of ham in the other.