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Tom Kitten did not want to be shut up in a cupboard.
Poyser, opening the cupboard, turned a blighting eye upon her.
her husband savagely interrupted, as he tossed the dagger into the cupboard.
He put the book back in the cupboard and closed the door, for he did not wish anyone else to find and destroy his treasure, and as he went out into the gathering darkness he closed the great door of the cabin behind him as it had been before he discovered the secret of its lock, but before he left he had noticed the hunting knife lying where he had thrown it upon the floor, and this he picked up and took with him to show to his fellows.
Tell me, Professor Coram," he said, at last, "what is in that cupboard in the bureau?
said another peasant, bringing out Prince Andrew's library cupboards.
As I opened the second cupboard it struck me that the light was beginning to fail.
When Nanda had supported Langwidere to a position in front of cupboard No.
You just picked the right evening to visit me," he said, producing a cake from his cupboard.
She read it three times: she then knew it by heart; so she put the fish into the cupboard --for it might very well be eaten, and she never threw anything away.
We've got all sorts of secret stories in that cupboard.
Besides what I have named, there was not another thing in that great, stone-vaulted, empty chamber but lockfast chests arranged along the wall and a corner cupboard with a padlock.