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The accessory gland in Carvalhomiris is inserted into a cuplike depression, in which the area of insertion is membranous and the surrounding area is well sclerotized.
1H) all of about same size and similar structure; all articles distinct, dactyli reduced, their short tips inserted into cuplike receptacles produced on anterolateral corners of propodi; distal ends of meri sparsely setose; bases lacking carinae.
The upper part of the clays contain corals of the large, compact form, while the cuplike species only, are formed in the lower beds.
Such jugs with strainer or cuplike spouts were common during the Late Helladic IIIC period in the Dodecanese, Naxos, and Perati, areas that had close links during the middle phase of this period (Desborough's "Aegean Koine": 1964, pp.
Palpal tibia with one cuplike apophysis, dark brown to black, long, broad with 3 thick serrate setae (Fig.
This fixture is made with a cuplike flare at one end (the bell) and plain at the other end (the spigot).
He says some prefer the name "tulip tree" because it captures the look of the cuplike flowers in spring.
Add a sprinkle of light-emitting diodes and a pinch of tiny, cuplike casings.