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CURATE, eccl. law. One who represents the incumbent of a church, person, or20 vicar, and takes care of the church, and performs divine service in his stead.

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Thursday // December 3rd Mazism Miami w/ Rachid Kallamni Music curated by Dalton & MOS Sponsored by ABSOLUT
The report, Streaming Radio, Curated Station and Track Play Music: Listening Hours and Revenue Analytics 2013 - 2016, presents a multi-year analysis of listening by brand, platform, product offering, business model, subscriber count, available inventory by format, CPMs (national and local), sellout rates and corresponding revenue.
All curated products are brought-forward in a short-term 7-day pre-sale campaign.
Powered by Amadeus Featured Results, a search solution developed by travel technology firm Amadeus, Vayama's curated results functionality culls flight options from more than 500 airlines worldwide at to identify the fastest, cheapest, most popular and sponsored itineraries, the firm said.
In other words, the curated collection is greater than the individual items contained within it.
CROWNING GLORY: The Christ in Glory tapestry (main picture) by Graham Sutherland (left), and another of his paintings (centre) in the exhibition curated by George Shaw (right)
The newly curated data is comprised of 435 molecular complexes, first identified by tandem affinity purification or sequential peptide affinity, involving 2262 protein interactions.
Curated by Morag Bain, the Scots presented proposals for five 'coastal machines' (Scotland has an astonishing 6000 miles of coastline) which mixed the practical with the polemic, from GROSS.
An earlier American modernist, Marsden Hartley, received his first major retrospective in the United States in twenty years (Wadsworth Atheneum and subsequent venues, 2003, curated by Elizabeth Kornhauser), as did Elie Nadelman (Whitney Museum, 2003, curated by Barbara Haskell).
She has extensive experience in special collections, having curated several exhibitions of American and Russian materials at the Library of Congress, including "Treasures of the Library of Congress.
an ambitious three-week performance series featuring independent, experimental dance curated by Stuccio and sponsored by Dance Advance, a Pew Charitable Trusts program that works to create a network for under-funded dancer/choreographers.