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CURATE, eccl. law. One who represents the incumbent of a church, person, or20 vicar, and takes care of the church, and performs divine service in his stead.

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This was the period in which curating developed an extreme form of self-consciousness, with all of its main terms and definitions open to continual questioning, acutely echoing the fractious disputes in the art world as a whole over such basic concepts as "art" and "artist.
While some explicitly and intentionally curate content, the majority of us are already curating simply by sharing a link to third-party content on Facebook or Twitter.
Amurgis, AEP'S director of internal communication, says that curating the stories "helps employees to better understand the external forces that affect internal decisions.
It's tough explaining just what exactly the Wrong Gallery is (Cattelan, Gioni, and Subotnick started it in a shallow doorway in New York), much less how it's curating the 4th Berlin Biennale, inexplicably titled "Of Mice and Men.
Like great art, great curating involves a strong element of self-portraiture, and the artists with whom Hopps worked most intensely and often--from Schwitters and Cornell to Rauschenberg and Kienholz--share a worldview as magnificently encyclopedic as his own.
3 percent of respondents find newspaper web sites with professional editors curating the news as the most trusted news source.
Certainly Dean's purpose in curating "An Aside" wasn't to prompt comparisons between her own work and Scheibitz's, but it was nonetheless with this thought in mind that I sensed what is so important about an artist-curated show like this one.
An alternate title in this context might have been Game of Curating.
But the fax had nothing to do with curating or with Leigh's widely publicized disappearance.
Wilson applies democratic ideals to her curating as well.
Will this putative interest in curating for curating's sake dovetail with the Serpentine's glamorous profile and frankly international programming?
in Creative Curating (mischievously implying that the other curating courses in London were uncreative), and Thorp decided to earmark the summer slot for a show organized by a group of Goldsmiths students.