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Thus, one of the pivotal binary structures of the text is between society and nature; despite being set around the bleakness of social care and the panopticon state, the natural world curatively intercedes.
Postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy with mitomycin C and UFT for curatively resected rectal cancer.
We suggest that the levels of pain, rage and helplessness our patients projected into us, in combination with our inexperience and personal incapacities to bear pain, meant that we far too often opted for action as a defensive evasion of our feelings, rather than harnessing our own unconscious to hear our patients' voices and to communicate with them thoughtfully and more curatively.
Also known as brambleberry, from "brambel," meaning "prickly," the blackberry was used curatively by ancient Greeks for gout and by the English, who applied the leaves topically to relieve burns.
Randomized, controlled study on adjuvant immunochemotherapy with PSK in curatively resected colorectal cancer.
Curatively, the LLLT was shown not only be able to reduce oral pain but also the severity and duration of OM [Bensadoun et al.
Patients who were on palliative treatment were more satisfied with the communication of nurses than curatively treated patients.
Merck Serono, a division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, announced today that ErbituxA (cetuximab) can now be used in Japan in combination with chemotherapy in the 1st-line treatment for patients with epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)-expressing, curatively unresectable (inoperable), advanced or recurrent colorectal cancer (mCRC) carrying the KRAS wildtype gene.
Positive VEGF immunostaining independently predicts poor prognosis in curatively recected gastric cancer patients: results of a study assesing a panel of angiogenic markers.
182) There also have been a number of instances in which the Court majority relied on a JCT report or analysis (apart from the House and Senate committee reports drafted by JCT staff) to help understand what Congress truly meant to accomplish--by curatively limiting a tax deduction provision, (183) designing a particular windfall-profits tax scheme, (184) or restricting utilities to certain depreciation methods.
A total of 228 curatively resected patients were enrolled.
5) The researchers suggest that cranberry may work curatively by inhibiting MMPs (matrix metalloproteinases)--the enzymes that play a major role in gingival tissue destruction.