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The first grouping of publishers, those presenting straightforward critique, includes such houses as Monthly Review Press, Common Courage and South End Press; the latter is composed of organizations such as Firebrand, West End Press, Kitchen Table Press and Curbstone Press.
HOUSTON -- Curbstone Group (Curbstone), a private money management firm led by a trio of Wall Street veterans, announces the opening of three offices located in Houston, Boston and Tampa.
The domination of PHP in e-commerce applications is staggering, so the decision to develop a PHP connectivity option for Curbstone's Payment Server was an easy one," said Curbstone president Ira Chandler.
Khai's conservative outlook is apparent in his 1983 work Past Continuous, recently published in translation by Curbstone Press as part of its Voices from Vietnam series.
1 Silver: Help/Systems--Robot/SAVE Version 10 Bronze: Mid-Range Systems Solutions--MSS-HA/DR Version 1 Category: Business to Business Gold: TrailBlazer Systems--ZMOD Exchange Item Sync V1R3 (TrailBlazer is a nuBridges Company) Silver: Curbstone Corp.
Electronic auction: implementation of works on the installation of road signs in the organization of pedestrian crossings, the installation of idn with signs, the installation of road signs, the device of undercuts of curbstone, approaches in the hard surface on existing pedestrian crossings, the device of undercuts of curbstone, approaches in hard surfaces for pedestrian crossings
THROUGH ITS PROJECT Voices from Vietnam, Curbstone Press promises to advance understanding of Vietnam and reconciliation of "the two sides" of the war by publishing English translations of contemporary Vietnamese literature.
Winner of the 1995 Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Award from Curbstone Press, Assault on Paradise could be characterized as a modern-day variant of the picaresque novel.
Curbstone Press, "a non-profit publishing house dedicated to literature that reflects a commitment to social change" (endpages), here presents the reader with the open heart and soul of a talented, dedicated Guatemalan Mayan poet and folklorist; one easily empathizes with him while learning of Mayan life and sensibilities.
1) Motorists can only park on curbstones painted turquoise and white or black.
RAY: Because of the shorter sidewalls of their tires, the rims are closer to the pavement, so they get bent and damaged more easily by potholes and curbstones.
But to my surprise they only provided some concrete curbstones.