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The act of restoring health after injury or illness. Care, including medical and nursing services rendered to a sailor throughout a period of duty, pursuant to the principle that the owner of a vessel must furnish maintenance and cure to a sailor who becomes ill or is injured during service.

The right of a seller, under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), a body of law governing commercial transactions, to correct a delivery of goods that do not conform to contractual terms made to a buyer within the period specified by the contract in order to avoid a breach of contract action.

The actual payment of all amounts that are past due in regard to a default in such payments.


noun antidote, antipoison, antitoxin, assuager, balm, catholicon, corrective, counteractant, elixir, emollient, healing agent, medical treatment, medicament, method of treatment, palliative, panacea, recovery, recuperation, redress, relief, remedy, restoration to health, restorative, salve, sanatio, successful remedial treatment, therapeutic, tonic


verb ameliorate, apply a remedy, correct, doctor, effect a cure, heal, improve, make well, make whole, medicate, meliorate, mend, minister to, nurse, palliate, recall to life, reclaim, recover, rectify, recuperate, redeem, regenerate, rehabilitate, rejuvenate, relieve, relieve of something detrimental, remedy, renew, repair, restore, revive, revivify, right, salve, sanare, soothe, treat
Associated concepts: cured by verdict, curing defect, curing error, curing title, opportunity to cure
See also: change, correction, drug, help, meliorate, panacea, preserve, rectify, redress, reform, relieve, remedial statute, remedy, renew, repair, restore, treat, treatment

CURE. A restoration to health.
     2. A person who had quitted the habit of drunkenness for the space of nine months, in consequence of medicines he had taken, and who had lost his appetite for ardent spirits, was held to have been cured. 7 Yerg. R. 146.
     3. In a figurative sense, to cure is to remedy any defect; as, an informal statement of the plaintiff's cause of action in his declaration is cured by verdict, provided it be substantially stated.

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I stated that his technique had prepared a road into the sick man's body, while another curer allegedly extracted an arrow-tip sickness-object, and that Kamuiye himself might have extracted a piece of glass.
Adventures of a Bacon Curer is a good, honest read, written by what appears to be a good, honest man.
Bayer has also developed an anti-reversion agent - a bifunctional crosslinker - that improves the thermal stability of crosslinks and overcomes reversion problems encountered with a typical curer.
Modular process-control systems for pipe extrusion include ultrasonic 360 [degrees] wall-thickness measurement, puller control, curer control, die-centering, temperature control, gravimetric extruder-output control, automatic calibration, production scheduling, overweight and scrap registration, pipe OD measurement and control, vacuum control, SPC functions, and data storage and retrieval.
Whitten, describes the conjurer a bit more objectively as a "professional diviner, curer, agent finder, and general controller of the occult arts" (315-16); Whitten adds that they can be "Negro or white, male or female" (317).
As the curer moves, it removes material from a stock model and the designed part emerges as it would on a machine.
I had a curer in a local pub with an old lad who could only communicate by way of Irish songs, which entertained us for a good while and made me more excited for our trip to Dublin.
Apres 1971, date de la reception de l'universite de Constantine, la Medersa fut transformee en bibliotheque universitaire, avant de devenir le Curer (Centre universitaire de recherche et de realisation).
visual inspection are - Curer equipment drainage to allow the passage of a camera,- Inspecting equipment drainage using a camera,- Identify all the defects observed- Prepare a review report with the state of the equipment, to transmit to the engineering office.
For those of you up for it or in need of it The Navy are having a New Year's Day Curer on Sunday from 9pm until very late.
The process is overseen by Suffolk Crown's head curer, Gary Wright, who has over 20 years experience.