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[Latin, Court.] A judicial tribunal or court convened in the sovereign's palace to dispense justice. A court that exercised jurisdiction over civil matters, as distinguished from religious matters, which were determined by ecclesiastical courts, a system of courts in England that were held by authority of the sovereign and had jurisdiction over matters concerning the religion and ritual of the established church.

In England the tribunal of the king's justice was the curia regis, so named because the king originally presided over its proceedings.

See: bar, board, court

CURIA. A court of justice.

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Elsewhere, I have recommended that curial officials not be made bishops or cardinals in order to make it clear that they are staff to the pope as head of the college of bishops, not part of the college of bishops.
While modern historians might consider these shortcomings in light of the threat of the Council of Basel, this tells us more about the curial community and its localized understanding of achievable reform.
The Consistorial Congregation, which was the one most concerned by these requests from residential bishops, proposed the creation of a "cabinet system" made up of all the heads of the curial dicasteries and chaired by the secretary of state.
He bases that judgment on the theoretical ground that the bishops- responding to the laity's genuine and forthright "free speech in the church"--mediate curial regulations and act as a filter for aberrant Roman impositions on the faithful.
Grosseteste's protest against papal provisions to English benefices was elaborated to make him a courageous defender of English church liberties against Roman interference and curial venality.
Not since the Tridentine Mass was supplanted a quarter century ago has it been ``celebrated by a cardinal of curial rank in the cathedral of a premier archdiocese with the express consent of the local cardinal,'' the Rev.
From the medieval era on, the Catholic church became a monolithic, absolutist monarchy with a hierarchical infrastructure supported by a curial oligarchy and ruled by an autocratic pope.
Perhaps most helpful here is Arnaldo Morelli's large-scale survey of Chapel-masters in Roman parish churches, relying on curial visitations from the 1630s and 1690s - indispensable for future work in the field.
LeWeb '08 will be held in Paris on 9 and 10 December in "104", 5 Rue Curial - 75019 - Paris
The attitude of the bishops toward annulments is the greatest change since the 1980 synod on the family, when the American bishops were fiercely attacked by curial cardinals for making annulments too easy.
The services are divided into 2 lots as follows: Lot 5: Fontaine Au Roi neighborhood (75011) and Lot 6: Curial Cambrai area (75019).