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said the gentleman with sandy whiskers, looking curiously at Jemima.
In the right hand they held a finely woven grass fan, with a heavy black wooden handle curiously chased: these fans they kept in continual motion.
As they sauntered about, the stare followed them, passing over their legs, their bodies, their heads, curiously not without hostility, like the crawl of a winter fly.
His voice when he spoke was, curiously enough, the voice of a gentleman, thick and a trifle rough though it sounded.
Curiously enough, almost the first person whom she saw was the Prince.
The two men waited at the head of the steps, watching curiously.
On the white velvet lay two long pendants of curiously worked gold, set with pearls.
The others were curiously crowding around the group, and the girl said to them:
For five or six feet from the trunk, which had at the surface of the ground a diameter of several inches, it ran downward, single and straight, into a loose, friable earth; then it divided and subdivided into rootlets, fibers and filaments, most curiously interwoven.
One day, for illustration, I was passing along a street of a city, far from here, when I met two men in uniform, one of whom, half pausing and looking curiously into my face, said to his companion, "That man looks like 767.
French Frank, who, unknown to me, had swallowed his chagrin since the day before, now that the money for the Razzle Dazzle was in his pocket, began to behave curiously toward me.
She studied me curiously for a minute or two, and then said, to my great surprise: