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Removal yield, specific flux of copper ion recovered in the external compartments, and current efficiency of overall transport to the cathode side, depending on the current density in the 1.
An appreciable difference for the deposits' microhardness depending on the current density can be observed.
When the pH value is 2, the overpotential for the nickel deposition is small and the current density is large.
They allow for effective monitoring of both AC potentials and AC current density by providing a steel surface exposed to the surrounding soil.
DOE Factors and Levels FACTOR LEVEL DESCRIPTION Laminate cooling rate Air, water jacket Plating current density Amps per sq.
At any point in the plasma where j [not equal to] 0 a force can exist between that current density vector and its local magnetic B-field vector.
As shown in Figure 6, increase of electrolysis time from 10 to 50 minutes at a current density of 4.
When the current increases the electron temperature will drop due to step-wise ionization at higher current density.
In electrode contact areas, where the current density is higher, also the mesh density is raised.
Abstract: The paper presents the computation algorithm and a software package (NAG) for the eddy currents and Joule losses problem in a probe using the integral equation method for the current density and the finite method for the thermal field diffusion problem.