currently perceived

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While it attracted vast amounts of foreign investments in the early 2000s, Turkey seems to be currently perceived as an unprofitable county, as its politicians fuel marketplace uncertainty by debating the responsibilities of state institutions.
Led by an expert at the Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine, they said: "We believe the risk to be higher than that currently perceived in the clinical community.
Finally, when asked, "How is the business value of this type of service currently perceived in the EAP industry?
Coleman and Dale Bartlett, "are currently perceived to be insolvent and are defaulting on various agreements with multiple farmers, operators, shippers, dealers, and brokers across many states," according to Rabo's Sept.
It involves understanding how the nation is currently perceived by the very people (our audience) we want to do business with.
The currently perceived by the card work tasks, such as inventory maintenance, mapping, information retrieval and data delivery must be ensured in the future.
Within the healthcare industry, the Vaccine Market was initially considered a low-profit venture but is currently perceived with renewed interest among industry circles due to its high demand with respect to emerging infectious diseases.
increase more positive and higher than * The range of implied rapidly currently perceived price changes can price dynamics, implied contain negative values, expected price changes: which contradicts the ([sf.
Dejan Bojic, NEC's Director of Product Strategy for Mobile Backhaul, says: "Small cells in the context of heterogeneous Radio Access Network (RAN) are essential to fulfill the promise of 4G user experience, and the backhaul of small cells is currently perceived as the major obstacle by network operators.
By establishing a baseline of how HR is currently perceived, it gives them a starting point to build from.
However, the UK is currently perceived to be less attractive than North America, China and India.