currently perceived

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Advances in POCT connectivity offer capabilities to address accountability factors currently perceived to be barriers to adoption.
Will they be the boundaries as currently perceived or, after using the phrase city centre, will the Mayor re-draw the boundaries to include areas which Middlesbrough residents would consider to be too far away from the current excellent bus station?
10 (ANI): National Knowledge Network (NKN) conceptualized by Government of India in 2010 has been successfully connecting educational and research institutions in the country and is currently perceived globally as a leading research and education network (REN).
Speaking about the Zimbabwe Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment (IEE) Policy, the Permanent Secretary in the Zimbabwe Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion, Dr Desire Sibanda said that the policy was specifically designed for the mining sector by ensuring that indigenous Zimbabweans also achieve ownership and benefit from the exploitation and utilisation of the countrys natural resources, and not to discourage investment into the country as is currently perceived.
Given that deflation is currently perceived to be the greater threat, it is possible rates would remain relatively low.
Ultimately, if US-based rules are fair and not arbitrary, they will garner more support from others than what are currently perceived as "Middle Kingdom" rules favoring China.
While it attracted vast amounts of foreign investments in the early 2000s, Turkey seems to be currently perceived as an unprofitable county, as its politicians fuel marketplace uncertainty by debating the responsibilities of state institutions.
Led by an expert at the Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine, they said: "We believe the risk to be higher than that currently perceived in the clinical community.
Finally, when asked, "How is the business value of this type of service currently perceived in the EAP industry?
The wage hike is part of McMillon's initiative to change the perception of Walmart, which is currently perceived as a "low-wage, dead-end employer.
Coleman and Dale Bartlett, "are currently perceived to be insolvent and are defaulting on various agreements with multiple farmers, operators, shippers, dealers, and brokers across many states," according to Rabo's Sept.
It involves understanding how the nation is currently perceived by the very people (our audience) we want to do business with.