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Curriculum vitae (CV): significa literalmente "carrera de la vida", entre sus definiciones se pueden indicar las siguientes:
En forma recurrente destaca Orrego que nuestro curriculum vitae es inseparable de lo que nos rodea, que somos parte integrante de ese todo y revela como le deslumbra y maravilla ese "plan gigantesco".
Include a description of the project or activity; its objectives; the project manager's name, curriculum vitae, and contact information; a cost estimate; and a timeline (if applicable).
NOW that we have such a narrow demarcation between political parties and their policies, I feel that it would be prudent for any election candidate for either local or general election to submit a complete curriculum vitae to the electorate.
The worst Graham Le Mar expected was a knock-back when he set off his curriculum vitae for a job as a store manager.
If you wish to participate in this event send a copy of your curriculum vitae and general employment interests, as well as phone number and e-mail address to: Gale Thirlwall-Wilbee, Manager, Career Services, Canadian Society for Chemistry, 130 Slater Street, Suite 550, Ottawa, ON K1P 6E2; fax: 613-232-5862; e-mail: gwilbee@cheminst.
Their main tool for showcasing accomplishments is a curriculum vitae, which lists biographical information, refereed publications written and extramural funding received for projects.
NOT everyone knows what a Curriculum Vitae is, even though most employers and colleges like to see them.
Evans said, "I am putting together an application and curriculum vitae for the job of scrummaging coach with Wales.
While still securing curriculum vitae from the interested ophthalmologists, SurgiLight plans on selling one of the laser systems to each participant for the clinical trials.
The site promises to be comprehensive, already boasting Giovanni's curriculum vitae, honorary degrees, selected poetry, children's books, biography and listings of the events she sponsors.
Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award, a curriculum vitae and listing of the candidate's current Ph.

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