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Sir Madok was very bitter, and brake out anew with cursings.
Tranquilly permitting these irregular cursings to evaporate, Stubb then in a plain, business-like, but still half humorous manner, cursed Pip officially; and that done, unofficially gave him much wholesome advice.
He crooked his left arm defensively about his head and fought with cursing fury.
In the meantime you can relieve your feelings by cursing the one-man power and the effete monarchies of Europe.
I should think, Perry," I chided, "that a man of your professed religiousness would rather be at his prayers than cursing in the presence of imminent death.
The Russian, following his usual custom, berated his companions, laying all the blame upon their shoulders for the events which had led up to the almost hopeless condition in which they now found themselves; but the sailors were in no mood to brook his insults and his cursing.
In a moment it was hand-to-hand fighting, and Trent was cursing already the bravado which had brought him out to the open.
he thought, and remembered his drunkenness, the money that had gone on drink, how he had offended his wife, his cursing, his neglect of church and of the fasts, and all the things the priest blamed him for at confession.
Women and little children would fall to cursing about it; it was rotten, rotten as hell--everything was rotten.
the convoy guards began cursing and the French soldiers, with fresh virulence, drove away with their swords the crowd of prisoners who were gazing at the dead man.
Jones contented himself however with a negative punishment, and walked off with his new comrades, leaving the guide to the poor revenge of cursing and reviling him; in which latter the landlord joined, saying, "Ay, ay, he is a pure one, I warrant you.
said Fagin, cursing his dear young friend's greediness from the very bottom of his heart.