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Advocates of cursive instruction make a cultural and cognitive argument.
Others cited pragmatic concerns, as some suggested the ability to write in cursive is necessary to sign legal documents, while others noted that memorized multiplication tables is helpful in numerous vocational settings.
One of the items was to learn to write in cursive writing.
The Indiana Senate voted in late February to advance a "cursive bill" requiring elementary schools to teach cursive writing.
These documents, too, are written in the developed Pahlavi cursive and have predominantly administrative character, but the ostraca tend to be very short, while the papyri are mostly fragmentary.
Cursive writing - the flowing style of handwriting that still is being taught to third-graders (and fourth- and fifth-graders in some states) but less frequently, and in increasingly shorter lessons - is a dying art form, succumbing gradually but steadily to today's technology and to the need to spend more time helping students improve and refine their keyboard skills.
The segmentation errors for cursive handwriting were higher than that of plain text handwriting.
Today, electronic communications are leading to the disappearance of cursive writing--in school and in the workplace.
Each cursive letter arranged, bent blue, blown to linear thinness.
Indicators are that technological advances and state-mandated tests, in addition to other variables, are forcing cursive writing to become a casualty of the American educational landscape.
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