cursive writing

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Norzim Lama said he prefers cursive writing to printing ''cause it looks fancy.
The investigators collected manuscript writing samples on a Friday morning and cursive writing samples on the following Monday morning.
The digital age of technology increasingly threatens cursive writing because of computers, instant text messaging, e-mails, faxing, and employment applications.
Cursive writing is better known as "joined-up" writing.
Goldfus was a Platonist, at least in the cursive writing department.
From learning cursive writing, to using scissors, to determining where to sit at the dinner table, many lefties have a hard time in a right-dominated world.
Among these features were the ability to convert print or cursive writing from the whiteboard into document-ready text; to print, e-mail, fax and create web pages directly from the whiteboard; to use Windows NetMeeting for distance or virtual collaboration; to record an entire session to be played later with full video and audio; to capture and share notes immediately; and, to drag and drop material into any Windows application.
To read or copy cursive writing requires two separate tasks.
Rushing and jumbling print and cursive writing are common errors of Adams' students.
All classrooms, too, should have a chart, permanently displayed, containing upper and lower cases of letters in manuscript and cursive writing for reference use as needed to write meaningful communication.
The hospital, reportedly a year or two away from implementing computerized prescriptions, will assign handwriting-impaired doctors to a remedial course in cursive writing.