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Karachi -- All seven people incriminated in a case cursorily lodged last night for assaulting an election camp of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Karimabad area of the megacity late Friday, have been released midnight here, local media reported on Sunday.
Though Kundera only cursorily differentiates his protagonists, and little happens in the novel, characterization and plot are not Kundera's priorities.
This period immediately before the stirrings of revival had struck me as a historical span that had always been cursorily explored by scholars in their study of the Irish language and its community.
Casting a wide net of subjects and anecdotes ultimately forces Axe to leave some stories incomplete and some ideas only cursorily examined.
While Zongsan avails himself of Buddhist techniques and conceptual tools, Billioud only deals with these cursorily.
After cursorily reviewing corn, sugar, switchgrass, and algae as fuel feedstocks, he points to the possibility of a "breathtaking .
Critics will argue that the history is told from the mainstream Israeli perspective and that events that loom large from the Palestinian perspective, especially the Palestinian exodus in 1947-9 which Palestinians refer to as The Nakba (catastrophe), are dealt with cursorily or not at all.
He thus rejects dignity, sovereignty, and other core values cursorily.
But as the term 'Pop Art' is so cursorily trotted out, usually in connection with a few key figures, it is easy to caricature the phenomenon and the conditions that produced it, which makes it worthy of reconsideration here.
Medieval Worcester is dealt with cursorily, and there is little to be said of the 20th century.
Cursorily marketed to "families," one only needed a license - or a willing cousin with a license - to take these rolling menaces out for a 30-minute trip.
Coming from a rare secular African-American household, dominated by a formidable literary and historical library, the Bible was something I was only cursorily familiar with.