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Selon Mebarki , [beaucoup moins que] sa gA@nA@ralisation dans le cursus professionnel est une nA@cessitA@[beaucoup plus grand que].
Los estudios realizados sobre la materia, como afirma Di Paola (5), parten de finales del XIX y principios del XX, siendo el primer autor en abordar el tema Ruediger (6), en 1846; y, con las excepciones de los autores que confeccionan la voz de cursus publicus en las enciclopedias y diccionarios (Humbert, Seeck (7), Bellino (8), Leclerq (9), Kornemann (10)), el "cursus publicus" es considerado exclusivamente como servicio postal.
In footnotes to Poinsot's text, Deely provides a number of excerpts from Poinsot's treatment of cognition in the sections of the Cursus philosophicus dealing with questions pertaining to the De anima of Aristotle.
Vous etes a la fois professeur et directeur de cette ecole, quelles sont les grandes lignes du cursus de formation ?
There is a pattern of the development of habitation from the cursus, timber circle at Pittentian and large standing stone - removed by a farmer ploughing his field - to the Stayt, and the discovery of a burial chamber 150 years ago.
Ce projet de programme prevoit egalement des cours sur l'histoire, la geographie et les institutions du Mali, l'histoire de l'Islam, les droits de l'Homme, la sante mentale, les medias et le calcul astronomique, ajoute la meme source, precisant qu'une partie de ce cursus sera encadree par des Maliens.
Champion en titre, le Barca entame son cursus ce dimanche contre Levante (19h00, 17h00 GMT), une equipe qui n'a jamais gagne au Camp Nou.
Llantwit Major archaeology mornings meet at 10am at Llantwit Major Town Hall Heritage Centre every Thursday, and next week the subject is unusual cursus monuments, large enclosed sites whose meaning is difficult to understand.
It's understandable why the usually reliable 18th-century antiquarian William Stukeley thought that the Cursus was built by the Romans, for the dimensions are both imperial and gladiatorial, and it calls out for a horse to gallop along.
When they replicated the association between these newly found Cursus pits and Stonehenge on their computer system, they realised that, viewed from the so-called 'Heel Stone' at Stonehenge, the pits were aligned with sunrise and sunset on the longest day of the year - the summer solstice (midsummer's day).
Nullam ultricies, enim ac cursus varius, turpis justo euismod magna, quis ultrices elit mi scelerisque erat.
The first gives the necessary background in a useful account of pre-Islamic postal institutions: those of the Persian empires from the Achaemenids (with a nod to the Assyrians) to the Sasanids, the western Cursus Publicus from the Romans to the Byzantines, and traditions of communication in Arabia up to the Umayyad period.