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Adkins, founder of Michigan Back to Basics, a group committed to curtailing what it sees as the Japanese takeover of the U.
If a third of the retail companies in Texas were as fast and effective at curtailing their energy use, then retailers alone could have delivered most of ERCOT's 1,000 megawatt objective, and we wouldn't have needed rolling blackouts in Texas yesterday.
Under the agreements, commercial and industrial customers can sign up for lower power rates - 15 percent to 20 percent reductions - in exchange for curtailing operations during a Stage Two energy emergency.
The GFI promotes national and multilateral policies, safeguards, and agreements aimed at curtailing the cross-border flow of illegal money.
So to some observers inside and outside Russia, President Vladimir Putin's announcement in September that he was overhauling the nation's political system and further curtailing democratic reforms as a response to the terrorist attack on a school in Beslan came as less than a shock.
Although this was only a list of options to be considered, it is important for the Administration and other elected officials to understand that curtailing or eliminating these deductions would constitute a fundamental shift in housing policy and would be very bad for home owners and for the nation.
Proponents of cadmium say environmentalists' pictures of cancer-causing clouds spewing from incinerator smokestacks and toxic waste leaching from landfills into groundwater is an unreal scenario, designed to frighten the industry into curtailing its use of cadmium.
GridPoint products will enable utilities to meet the rising demand for power while lowering costs and curtailing the need to build new power plants, providing significant economic and environmental benefits.
There is also no indication," he adds, "that Philip Morris is curtailing its massive spending on political contributions that have been used to resist reasonable government action designed to reduce tobacco use and the harm caused by smoking, or that its, parent, Altria, is curtailing its multimillion dollar advertising campaign to convince the American public that it is a responsible corporate citizen.