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Taking minority interests in projects in which CNE provided EPC work was part of its previous strategy and the investments, which are largely projects located in China's northern regions, are subject to higher curtailment rates and provide little cash returns; dividends from associates and JVs amounted to only CNY22 million in 2016.
The chief engineer said that if the consumers make judicious use of electricity, there is no need for long power curtailment in the coming months.
Earlier this year, the company announced it would delay the curtailment until the end of the second quarter.
Even with the massive curtailment, the government foresaw a negative GDP growth of 1.
The other type of curtailment is caused by a rupture which is an extremely severe issue as both firm and interruptible customers can be affected.
Intelligent demand control uses predictive algorithms to allow minimal curtailment action with maximum savings.
Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, a part of Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H), a US-based company that operates 207 Hyatt Hotels and Resorts worldwide, has announced that some of its properties have participated in demand response curtailment programmes in US.
The officials were of the view that the company was compelled to continue with the curtailment plan owing to overall gas shortage in both the provinces.
ECS has an aggregate curtailment pool of 500 megawatts, more than enough electricity to power all the homes in Nassau County or San Francisco, and a total peak load of 1,900 megawatts.
Curtailment that can be implemented at times of constrained electric capacity
13 Tembec, based in Montreal, announced a two-week curtailment of operations at its newsprint facility in Kapuskasing, Ontario.
KNAPSACK-NAP,SAC beheadment of first half, curtailment of last half