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All statements other than statements of historical fact are statements that could be deemed to be forward-looking, including but not limited to statements about the expected impact and timeframe of the Plant 2 curtailment and our ability to continue to fulfill customer needs.
According to Planning and Budget Minister Nelson Barbosa, the curtailment is a "necessary first step" for Brazil to resume sustainable growth.
The other type of curtailment is caused by a rupture which is an extremely severe issue as both firm and interruptible customers can be affected.
Intelligent demand control uses predictive algorithms to allow minimal curtailment action with maximum savings.
Hyatt Hotels in New York City; Jersey City, New Brunswick, and Morristown, in New Jersey; Fairfax, Virginia; and Greenville South Carolina; have participated in demand response curtailment programmes during a current heat wave, and have saved around 760 kW of electricity in a day.
The officials were of the view that the company was compelled to continue with the curtailment plan owing to overall gas shortage in both the provinces.
Curtailment that can be implemented at times of constrained electric capacity
The 2002 loss was reduced by a small increase in sales volume along with operating curtailments at high cost pulp facilities, dropping to a loss of C$ 127 million, compared to a loss of C $207 million in 2001.
KNICKKNACK-NICNAC beheadment and curtailment of both halves
In the extreme, wartime curtailment of freedoms could inform Chief Bratton's entire anti-gang effort.
A practical method for tracking the effect of curtailment announcements on lumber supply is described and tested.
They attribute this to a war-related curtailment of normal oil production and transport--activities that typically dump some 2 million barrels of oil into Gulf waters annually.