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In response to this market uncertainty, we must acknowledge that there is a potential for curtailments and layoffs.
Second, some of the announced curtailments may not be completely carried out.
Any natural gas curtailments would not affect the base housing area, the Child Development Center or the North Base area, Edwards officials said.
7 billion curtailment in federal spending--including some $2.
NEW YORK -- Alcoa (NYSE: AA) announced today that the Company will reduce its annual alumina production capacity by approximately 390,000 metric tons to align production with smelter curtailments Alcoa announced earlier this year and to reflect prevailing market conditions.
27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Catalyst Paper (TSX:CYT) announced today the temporary curtailment of one of three paper machines at its Powell River mill, removing capacity of 6,500 tonnes of specialty paper grades from the market.
SANTA CLARITA - California's Independent System Operator has declared a Stage 3 alert, and utilities have begun temporary curtailments in an attempt to manage the available reserves of electricity.
Even if weather-related curtailments have not occurred in a specific region before, rare force majeure events could occur.
The aim is to keep production curtailments to a minimum and they are planned to be implement through temporary layoffs.
The 2002 loss was reduced by a small increase in sales volume along with operating curtailments at high cost pulp facilities, dropping to a loss of C$ 127 million, compared to a loss of C $207 million in 2001.
The specific locations of the reductions will be finalized shortly and the curtailments will be made in April.
The primary track is through arbitration under the auspices of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris with both the VRA and the Government of Ghana concerning past curtailments and the volume and price of power available to Valco under existing long-term contracts among the parties.