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I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with Flora as we expand our focus within the Curtain Wall niche market.
The new specially-manufactured size of Edge ProTect is designed for protection of curtain walls, doors, protruding window mullions, and any large hallway edge.
Blast freezer curtain walls are made of insulated, sliding panels nested in a tubular steel frame.
This consultation concerns the recovery of the east facade curtain wall Senones college.
97 trillion, 8-10% of which came from the construction curtain wall industry, an important branch of building decoration industry.
5 million (equivalent to approximately RMB744 million), making the contract value the highest for a single curtain wall project in the history of the city-state known for its skyscrapers.
In recent years, groove embedded parts have been used in a large volume in the curtain wall construction.
The insulated curtain wall eliminates the need for heavy insulated panel doors used by food manufacturers to seal their blast freezers/chillers.
Agreement with Schuco Alumaco, which boasts 10 associated companies, has a long-term exclusive licensing agreement with Schuco International from Germany, a leading curtain wall system designer, which allows the Saudi company to produce high-performance products locally.
As discussed in the ruling, a PV curtain wall is a glass exterior that is attached to the floor slabs of a building and encloses the structure.
The bank wants to cover that glass in a film that would make the curtain wall translucent rather than transparent and illuminate it from the inside to create a lantern effect on the skyline.
The 17,650 s/f facility is a sculpted reinforced concrete structure delicately clad with an all-glass, field-fit curtain wall system.