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The preceding is by way of setting the context for the famous denunciation of the deceitful curve ball.
com/user/valuequest/) valuequest to ask Niantic Labs to throw players a bone, especially those who do excellent curve balls.
One particular curve ball took shape when he was tasked in 2001 to lead the acquisition of several commercial ammunition companies.
moment of it, the way I didn't see the curve ball coming,
The last thing we want to do is throw a curve ball to people who are unfamiliar with the area, and close ramps without a few days' notice," Harwood said.
The second way I use the poles is for teaching the curve ball.
I had better change or the next curve ball thrown might smack me right in the kisser.
If a pitcher throws a curve ball and a batter has keen eyesight, he might be able to see the index and middle fingers roll across the face of the ball as the pitcher snaps it off.
BALCO threw the testing labs a curve ball by developing a new anabolic steroid called tetrahydrogestrinone (teh-truh-high-dro-jes-trih-nohn).
Yes, Mother Nature threw everyone in southern states a curve ball last year, with more rain and hurricanes than usual; meanwhile the western states could really use that rain