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Curvilinear lines, which previously depended on the flexibility of metal, could now be expressed with the warmth and distinctive character of wood.
The AD (anomalous dispersion) glass and two aspheric lens elements help the DiMAGE Z3 correct spherical aberration and curvilinear distortion, factors that can cause problems at high zoom ranges.
In contrast, One: Number 31, 1950, with its "blonder, denser, more lyrically curvilinear nimbus" (Varnedoe), extends the drip technique to the new dimensions at a cost: The internal rhythms appear a little forced at the same time as the material density of the painted field combines with a certain structural repetitiveness to produce a mural-like effect of uniformity, which isn't true of the drip pictures at their best.
The curvilinear and keying features it provides surpasses those in the After Effects Production Bundle.
The main entrance and tourist office, with characteristic curvilinear enquiry desk, supported by offices, act as a kind of visitor centre within the base of the cube.
Certainly the strange curvilinear shapes of Shivaesque, 1997, each with a kind of dark teardrop at the core, seem to be simultaneously making and unmaking themselves - an altogether appropriate process in a work that alludes to the Hindu deity who in the same breath destroys and restores worlds.
The elaborate structure showcases architectural direction inspired by geometry displaying curvilinear ceilings influenced by kinetics and emphasizing the aerodynamics of the industry.
This unique sun-filled perennial and shrub garden features unusual combinations and densities, softly pleasing colors and curvilinear beds in harmonious composition.
His simple, curvilinear drawings with their sound-bite narratives were meant simultaneously to entertain and edify and instruct.
The roots of Art Deco were in geometric motifs, luxuriant colors, and graceful curvilinear, feminine lines.
Double banked on the walls were 13 large rectangular canvases--their images symmetrical, curvilinear, appealing, sexual, nonspecific, familiar.